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Sep 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
is dead. body on coventry road in irvington round noon saturday. he had been shot several times. police haven't released the victim's the teen accused of trying to detonate a car bomb outside a chicago bar... will appear in federal court today. todaa. 18- year-old adel daoud is charged with attempttng to use a weapno of mass destruction and attempting to damage and a destroy a building with an xplosive.on friday, he was givee a phony car bomb.. by and undercover agent... who saw him press the trigger.neighors say they had no lue daoud had this planned. "so many years together i hear no problem, his family okay. i'm sad i hear that." that."daouu was active in jihadist internet forums...and &papparently searched online fo information on bomb-makiig. the tea party candidate who turned heads in her 2010 senate bid in delaware... says she may give it another shot. you may reeall christine won delaware's republican primary for senate back in 2010... before losing the general election against democrat chris coons.her bid that year resulted in a political ad proclaiming she wasn't a wit
Sep 28, 2012 5:19pm EDT
a 19 year old was shot this the head while sitting in a parked car in irvington. ist not known if she was the intended target. >>> another woman found shot in the chest in cherry hill. the woman told them she had been shot by someone she picked up in the neighborhood. police are searching for suspects in both shootings. they drove through concrete in a neighborhood near detroit looking for the remains of jimmy hoffa, there were no visible signs of remains, two samples of wet soil and clay were removed. this started after a man told police he saw a body buried in the area 35 years ago. >>> we want to take a look now at orioles park at camden yards. perfect night for a baseball game. we will hear from brian kuebler who is down at the yard with those fans. first we want to check this with mike masco. get your game forecast. >>> got nervous this morning watching rain come through west virginia. it looks like it's going to be far south of the city. manchester has the clouds this play. clouds across the location. this is howist going to boil down. i drew in the line where i think that t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2